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Colegio Euro Texcoco

Colegio Euro Texcoco

Moebian, ACT’s partner in Mexico, is very proud to announce our new GAC school Colegio Euro Texcoco, a leading innovative school located 25 kilometers northeast of Mexico City. Today in Mexico, young people look at themselves as citizens of the world; they experience a mixture of cultures, languages, and skills that are expressed in their digital environment. Euro School provides a solid digital base to allow Euro high school students to acquire a pre-university education congruent with their environment. We are excited to work with Moebian to implement ACT GAC global courses to meet our students’ needs. Being prepared for the future requires learning to work collaboratively, to think critically, to communicate effectively and solve problems, adapting to changes with a global vision and with motivation to empower the students to forge their own future.The combination of ACT GAC and our international academic program, teaching team and online / face-to-face program, enable students to develop critical thinking as well as global awareness.  The high quality of the GAC curriculum, the international academic program, and our teaching team also equips our students with academic, technical, and soft skills so that they will become part of a positive force of society transformation.

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