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ACT GAC Academic Committee News

ACT GAC Academic Committee News

Brazil-Mexico Collaborative Project Launch in February 2021

An innovative, project-based learning project with cross-country collaboration has been established by ACT® Global Assessment Certificate™ (GAC) partners in Brazil (Edify College Prep) and Mexico (Moebian).  GAC schools in Mexico and Brazil will collaborate to connect students from the two countries, conducting a project-based learning initiative from February to June 2021.

The project uses GAC’s new computing course, Computing for Academic Study, to provide a learning and assessment framework for digital communication, online project management, and online collaborative writing and presentation. Students can select the project of their own interests from four global and intercultural contemporary topics in culture, inequality, environment, and education.  At the end of the project, teams from both countries will produce a video of their inter-cultural non-profit organization research activities. The video can be included in the student portfolio for extracurricular activities for college application.

The Brazil-Mexico Connection Project aims at promoting GAC competencies of creativity and innovation, collaboration, cross-cultural understanding, critical thinking, communication, and computing skills. ACT GAC Academic Committee members, regional partners, and leaders of schools from Brazil and Mexico are excited to launch the project in February 2021 with hopes of achieving full success in June.

We anticipate the project will create learning opportunities for cultivating students’ self-reliance, developing students’ education and career interests, and developing their global self-awareness, as well as their sense of personal and social responsibility.

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